Amen, Praise God!


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Amen, Praise God! is an adventure for Christ that chronicles the struggle of finding a new church home (church shopping), the millennial religious experience, and keeping Jesus on your side through the process. Each week, your host visits a new church for either Sunday worship or Bible study and shares her experiences with you. But be warned: this is not your average faith-based podcast. 

"It's like Yelp for church except the person writing the review is your best friend and you *get* the jokes"

The church shopping experience is evaluated using the 10 Commandments (but not the exact same ones found in Exodus). On this podcast, the 10 Commandments are a series of questions that help your host (and maybe you, too?) determine if the church could be "the one".

"It's like The Bachelorette except all of the contestants are churches instead of guys named Chris"

Follow along on this journey. New episodes are released every other week.
This podcast is proudly produced by MMHMM, GIRL.



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Interacting with the show

We love an interactive church and podcast experience! As such, we actively encourage listeners to share their thoughts with us via Twitter, @amenpraisepod. The official hashtag for the show is #amenpraisepod because we understand that not all listeners will be believers, and we don't want anyone to feel excluded from the conversation.

You'll come to learn that your host is obsessed with church fans, church folk art, and general vintage church-related ephemera. The more ridiculous the better (as evidenced by Tyrese's famous painting on the left). If you ever come across any, please share with the rest of the congregation! You can share on Twitter or send it in with a backstory to

There may be days where your host is on the sick and shut-in list and can't physically make it in to church. But the Lord says where there is a Wi-Fi connection, there is a way. So feel free to suggest churches livestreaming from your hometown to visit!